In my 23-year career in the fashion and beauty industry as a makeup artist, I had many opportunities to test the myriad of skin care products on the market. Most products fall into two categories. The first group are highly processed and packed with unsafe chemicals, and the second usually includes many herbs and so-called natural ingredients.

In choosing a product I apply all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over my career, deciphering the long list of ingredients and eliminating what is unsafe or not necessary. I have found that the more complex the theory, the higher the price, and the less the product does for me. Second, I drop all intellectual decision-making and use only my senses, including intuition. Honey Girl Organics says “yes” in all categories. They use very few ingredients; only what is necessary. Honey Girl Organics Crèmes feel good, look good and smell good. My skin drinks up the luscious, rich mixture. I would recommend these products to anyone. They are a delightful pleasure to use and they get the job done!

Thank you Anthony, Gwen and Christina!

Cindy Joseph
Model and Former Makeup Artist

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