Our Philosophy

We believe that, when it comes to creating and maintaining life, Nature has a vast advantage over anything humans can devise. After all, She has been testing her inventions for billions of years, packing potency and complexity into the simplest, most efficient of packages. So where better to find the ingredients for a healthy, nourishing skin cream?

Concentrated Nutrition

By using our skin care products, you can take advantage of nature’s best and most concentrated nutrition. The flower of a plant is its most vital part–the seed of life–so the most nutrition is there. Our bees collect nectar and pollen from a vast variety of flowers and concentrate the nectar and pollen into honey, beeswax, and royal jelly. In its natural and raw state, honey provides bees with all the nutrition they need. Royal jelly is a super nutrition and beeswax has natural antibiotics and agents good for the skin. We intentionally keep our products to their most simple and basic forms so that the body will recognize them as nutrition.

Edible Ingredients

The skin is a porous, breathing organ that takes in nutrition and eliminates toxins. All of our products are made from edible ingredients, because we believe that it’s best to put on your body only what you’d be willing to put into your body.

These days it’s very popular to put patches on your skin to help you stop smoking, absorb birth control hormones, pain killers, and so on. It’s logical to conclude that since the chemicals on these patches get absorbed into your blood stream and affect your entire body, then so must the artificial colors, chemicals, petroleum products, preservatives and additives that are found in so many of today’s skin care products. Would you be willing to consume those ingredients?

All of our products are made from a simple blend of all-natural ingredients –organic extra virgin olive oil, raw honey*, beeswax *, propolis *, bee pollen *, royal jelly and purified Hawaiian water. These products are not only edible but they have been shown to nourish and heal the skin.

Healthy skin is the sign of a healthy body, so to have truly healthy skin, we recommend healthy lifestyle choices. By using our skin care products, you can take advantage of nature’s finest and most concentrated nutrition.

Organic and Natural Ingredients

Honey Girl Organics offers you a line of organic 100% all natural skin care products handcrafted in Hawaii. These creams, toners and balms are handmade from various blends of nature's finest anti-aging ingredients.

We are gluten free!
Non-GMO! and Bee-Friendly!

HoneyGirl Organic skin care products are approved by Health Canada!

Over the past 10 years, Honey Girl Organics has revolutionized the world of natural skin care. We started out with a handful of products, and today our range boasts a line of 25 amazing beauty treats.

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