Denise Saldana

July 19, 2016
Dear Honey Girl,

I just wanted to write to you and let you know how much I am enjoying my 3 favorite Honey Girl products: the regenerating serum, the day face and eye cream, and the night cream.

I am older with basically good skin. I have a decent amount of skin care knowledge, as someone who has been interested since my teens, and also as a trained esthetician.

I still use some other products, but Honey Girl is now a staple in my cupboard and I reach for it often. Overnight, Honey Girl makes my skin so soft, so hydrated and so smooth – I love it! Plus twice when I have got hives, these creams have calmed and cured my face within two days!!

These days, with so many added non-essentials in skin care, in home cleaning supplies, and in the food from the grocery store, it’s lovely to use something with high quality ingredients that is also effective and so pleasant to use.

Thank you!

If you share this letter with others, that would make me happy. No one should hesitate to try these beautiful products.

Denise Saldana
Vancouver, BC

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