Jessica Sugg

I have had extremely dry skin all my life. I’ve tried all kinds of face and body creams, from your basic drug store brands to very expensive specialty products. The majority of these products, regardless of how heavy or rich they were, did hardly anything to moisturize my skin…especially during the cold winters when my skin tends to get visibly flaky. In fact, some of the more expensive products irritated my skin because of all the intense chemicals.

So imagine my delighted surprise when I tried Honey Girl Organics products for the first time, and they were actually able to penetrate my dry skin! The Body Crème makes my skin feel so soft and smooth…and it even leaves a slight shine behind. I found myself just touching my skin all day the first time I used it. Now, I was one of those girls with soft skin that I’d always been jealous of 🙂

The Face and Eye Crème has worked great as an everyday base for my makeup. It prevents the most dry areas of my face (nose, chin, forehead) from appearing flaky, and it’s holding up even as it gets colder.

I never thought there was hope for my skin looking and feeling so incredibly hydrated! Who knew that the most effective product could be all-natural and organic?!

Thanks Honey Girl Organics,

Jessica Sugg
Advertising Executive
San Francisco, CA

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