Northern Minnesota

I live in northern Minnesota, where the last few days temps have dipped as low as 24 degrees below zero. With wood heat, fair skin & sub zero temps every drop of moisture is depleted from the air & my skin!!!

I have only been using Honey Girl products for 1 week now, but know completely that I have struck gold!!

The body butter is truly paradise in a jar. It worked so well on my dry, cracked hands and did not sting or burn like other creams on the market. The light scent is truly divine and not overpowering at all. Honey Girl body butter will now be my protective cocoon for the cold winter months.

It worked so well on me, with absolutely no irritation, that I used it on my 2 year old daughter. Her sweet baby skin was so dry, red and itchy. Nothing seemed to work very well at all until I used the body butter on her. After each bath now I say “Do you want me to make you a Honey Girl?” She absolutely loves it! Her skin looks 100% normal now. Plus, being all natural and organic I know it is safe for her, which as a mom, is very important to me.

So thank you for such superior products. I am truly grateful. Now we can experience some of natures finest ingredients from a beautiful paradise every day!!!

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